How the West Has Won

candian-oil-sands-615Deep ecologist, writer and radical activist Derrick Jensen reflects on the relationships between human beings and the natural world, weaving through diverse topics whilst exploring how and why western civilisation has come to decimate the earth’s eco-systems.

Part 1 of the interview explores ‘How the West Has Won’
while part 2 asks What Do You Think Is Worth Fighting For?

Click here to read Jensen’s classic essay on transcending hope for change and moving into action, Beyond Hope >>

[Photograph by Peter Essick]


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The Long Walk from Eden into the World

Reportage journalist Paul Salopek is re-tracing the footsteps of humanity’s ancient ancestors, literally walking from Ethiopia in Africa, into Palestine/Israel and across the globe.
Out of Eden Walk tracks the progress of what is planned as a 7-year walking journey around the world and across the arc of time.

His latest dispatch is a fascinating meditation on the historical and contemporary complexities of the Holy Land and the Levant, cradles of agriculture, monotheism and cities – in fact civilisation as we know it. Read the article >>

Photograph from Samaria-Sebaste by John Stanmeyer. View the gallery >>

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