Make Your Transition

The PfB Sound Blog and Soundcloud page are in development. We’ll be presenting a curated flow of DJ mixes and original productions, all produced or offered as musical responses to the PfB invitation: “What’s going on out there? What’s your journey? And how can we be free?

While you’re waiting, check out Polarone’s ‘medicine wave’ for deep listening and embodied journeying. Make a a little space to move, turn the lights down and the sound up, and see what happens…

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Meet the Babylonians – part 3


Iraq was the cradle of civilisation, its deserts the location of the first documented cities. Now, after decades of dictatorship, war and ongoing conflict, the reconstruction of Iraq’s crumbling cities is being masterminded by… a family business in Yorkshire using computer modelling software. Stuart Jeffries goes to meet them…
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Chant Down Babylon

Sending out the rootical sounds of the Burning Spear to launch the PfB Stream…

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DJ Mix – Make Your Transition

DJ-mix soundtrack to PfB. Put it on while reading or looking at the book, or else use it as a medicine wave: make a space to move, turn the lights down and the sound up, and take the journey as a dancer. Mixed by Polarone. Click ‘read more’ for track-listing.

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