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Years in the making, the Soundtrack to Postcards from Babylon brings the project into a new dimension, at a time when many of the themes of PfB have intensified and grown in mainstream awareness. Weaving together Alex Forster’s evocative music and Christian de Sousa’s spoken-word narratives drawn from the texts of the book, the album takes us on a visceral journey through the physical and virtual landscapes of capitalist civilisation, searching for understanding, change and liberation.

The soundtrack takes the main pathways from the Unreal Cities and Breaking Out of Babylon sections of the book and creates a new journey, this time in audio dreaming. We travel into the techno systems of international finance and bear witness to its global effects. We hit the dancefloor with the ecstasy generation and move out to the streets with the anti-capitalist movement. From a City trader to a Kurdish refugee, we meet characters living at opposite ends of the economic spectrum and trying to figure out their situations. The journey takes us to Japan to learn meditation from a Zen monk and to the English countryside to join a community of conscious dancers. Breaking out of the city and dreaming into the lucid rhythms of nature, we explore ways that creative subcultures resist the system and trace alternative pathways for the future.

The PfB soundtrack is a meditation on life, death and civilisation. Alex’s rich, diverse compositions and soundscapes span from the electronic to the acoustic, creating an immersive world into which Christian’s storytelling invites our cinematic imaginations, and calls for engaged reflection on our times.

Listening Guide:
For maximum effect, listen to PfB as you would watch a movie – uninterrupted & in a darkened room. Use the continuous mix and play through good speakers or headphones.

1. PfB Continuous Mix
2. Welcome to the Metropolis
3. Exiles
4. Find Your Own / We Got Love
5. Ideas for Sale
6. Removing the Mask
7. Reclaim the Streets!
8. The Lines of our Minds
9. The Ancient Way
10. The Way of the Dancer
11. Ceremony
12. The Web of Life
13. Grandfather
14. Civilisation

Music composed, performed & produced by Alex Forster
Words written & performed by Christian de Sousa
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Forster

The double-album package contains the full 55minute journey as both spoken and instrumental continuous mixes, along with individual files of all the tracks, also in both spoken and instrumental versions.
Click the Bandcamp player above to sample and purchase, or get it as a bundle with the book here

Alex is a musician, producer and film-maker. alexforster.net
Christian is an artist & facilitator. luminousworlds.net

For all PfB enquiries: drop us a line at ten.noylbabmorfsdractsopnull@tcatnoc

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