What is PfB?

An image with some words, sent by travelers from a specific place and time on a journey to friends, family or other close ones… It’s a glimpse of reality (or sometimes fantasy) shared between human beings – an attempt to connect and share a story from a lived situation.

Ancient history tends to consider the 2nd century capital of Babylonia to have been the first city. In recent decades, the Rastafarian usage of ‘Babylon’ has become popular as a way of referring to modern capitalist civilisation.

Postcards from Babylon is an experiment in storytelling for the times we live in. It’s a conversation about the state of the world and an invitation to engage with the realities of our times and the possibility of creative change. It is an enquiry into the nature of freedom – for one, and for all.

What’s the form?
Originating as a Book, PfB evolved into a multimedia art project, including a Soundtrack, Audio-Visual Live Experience, Exhibition & Micro-Festival, postcard-writing Invitations and the Stream, a blog of postcards curated from the web.

Who are we?
PfB was conceived by Christian de Sousa. The various emerging pieces have been curated and created in collaboration with diverse creatives, documentarists and change agents working sporadically under the umbrella name of the Bureau de la Resistance, aka le BDLR. Using images, words, music and other media, we seek to question, inspire and offer catalysts for positive transformation.