How the Fall of the Berlin Wall Changed Techno


Martin Guttridge-Hewitt’s conversation with Felix Denk & Sven Von Thulenlooking back at the roots of Berlin’s techno culture in the extraordinary time of open possibility that followed the fall of the wall.
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Make Your Transition

The PfB Sound Blog and Soundcloud page are in development. We’ll be presenting a curated flow of DJ mixes and original productions, all produced or offered as musical responses to the PfB invitation: “What’s going on out there? What’s your journey? And how can we be free?

While you’re waiting, check out Polarone’s ‘medicine wave’ for deep listening and embodied journeying. Make a a little space to move, turn the lights down and the sound up, and see what happens…

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“It’s Always a Spiritual Thing…”

“It’s always a spiritual thing…” – DJ Deep speaking about Techno, the genre he has embraced after many years as a respected figure playing and producing soulful deep house.
Take a nocturnal journey into a Parisian warehouse rave with this deep, driving live mix from the underground…

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Techno Resistance

Techno, clubbing and pirate radio as political catalysts… Stories from B92 FM and Klub Industrija in the wartorn dissident underground of ’90s Belgrade. Article by Thomas Gorton & photography by Srdjan Veljovic

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DJ Mix – Make Your Transition

DJ-mix soundtrack to PfB. Put it on while reading or looking at the book, or else use it as a medicine wave: make a space to move, turn the lights down and the sound up, and take the journey as a dancer. Mixed by Polarone. Click ‘read more’ for track-listing.

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