Beyond Schools? Solar-powered Community-owned Education


A Hello Hub is an outdoor computer kiosk hooked up to free, solar-powered Internet and running hundreds of educational games. It’s rugged enough to handle dust storms, rain, and thousands of users. Built and owned by the community, it’s available for anyone—adults or children—to use anytime. This report by Adele Peters outlines plans to bring Hello Hubs to communities without access to schools and/or teachers, including refugee camps.

It also raises interesting questions around how education looks when not rooted in human relationship, and whether the alliance of community and technology can replace, or re-shape the role of mentors.

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More Panels, Less Gadgets?

solar-indiaThe impending doom of billions of Indian and Chinese carbon consumers is often used by climate-action stallers as a kind of “what’s the point of cutting our emissions with this coming?” Another perspective is that there might be an effective future in the middle-ground between developing-world communities using renewable energy on the one hand – and on the other, the developed-world learning a few lessons on living with “less stuff to plug in”…

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