Zen and the Art of Photographing Protest

081013_ClimateDemo_227“Protest photography is much more than extreme street photography. Coverage of protest forms our social memory, it creates a permanent record for history, spreading the ideas behind the protest and fertilising social change.” says David Hoffman, co-founder and senior moderator of the EPUK photojournalists network.

However, he continues, “there’s something very Zen about protest photography. Caught on the fly, seen and recorded in a fraction of a second, protest photographs are truths. Not an explanation of the truth. Not a commentary or an analysis.

This article explores the importance and the effect of protest photography – and the ways in which the state and the police attempt to neutralise and manipulate images of political dissidence.

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Legal Language, Beats & the Resistance Impulse

Sunnyside-ExodusPlayTheHousesOfParliamentJuly94_v2“Music characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats” …probably the only phrase from the legal statute to have been memorised by large numbers of people off their heads on drugs… The trigger for a lively protest movement 20 years ago was Section 63 of the 1994 Criminal Justice Act and its mission to criminalise free parties.

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