Facing Up To Reality – and Activating The Great Turning

joannamacy27“It needs to be done in groups so we can hear it from each other. Then you realize that it gives a lie to the isolation we have been conditioned to experience in recent centuries, and especially by this hyper-individualist consumer society. People can graduate from their sense of isolation, into a realization of their inter-existence with all.” Interview with deep ecologist, elder and activist inspiration, Joanna Macy

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2 comments on “Facing Up To Reality – and Activating The Great Turning
  1. 168Project says:

    “I find that Western Buddhists tend to privatize their practice, and look for what I call premature equanimity. They go for peace of mind and that is such an inadequate response.”

  2. Polarone says:

    I am inclined to agree with your concern about artificial peace of mind, but from everything I know about her Joanna Macy is about as not-guilty of that as any western Buddhist could be…

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