Postcards from Babylon is a book inspired, guided and indelibly marked by music. It’s a natural progression and a full circle to take it the other way too. So far two audio reduxes have emerged from the PfB journey:

PfB – The Soundtrack is a compilation of music akin to a film soundtrack, accompanying both the overall narrative of the book and specific postcards within it. This one’s for listening whilst reading the book, or in any other context. [apologies: link currently off-line. Please check back very soon]

The second mix is an invitation to dance and move through your own journey of urban liberation as described and invoked in the book. Find it here:

PfB soundtracks are brought to you in collaboration with Ecstasy Radio. They are made available for PfB readers under the terms of a PRS podcasting licence. Sure, you can listen to them without reading the book, but consider that it might be a bit like going to the cinema and wearing a blindfold…

Postcards From Babylon - Soundtracks